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High Altitude Training -Ideal for Sports Teams and Corporate Teams

Why choose us over other Fitness centers?

  1. This is a 100% High Altitude Training Center. We can adjust the Oxygen content as per requirement.

  2. Our Trainers are highly qualified to instruct in High altitude environments and they have a genuine concern for the Client's results and well-being.

  3. For the time booked the training space is dedicated only to you.

  4. Workout Sessions can be tailor-made to suit client's requirements 

To book your Group Session 
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Why Altitude Training?

Training at high altitudes (as over 5000 feet above sea level) can trigger responses that produce more red blood cells in the body and, in turn, boost athletes' endurance and performance

Benefits of Altitude Training

  • Increased lung capacity

  • Increased lactic acid threshold

  • Increased hemoglobin mass and red cell volume

  • Muscles are more efficient at extracting oxygen from the blood


10,000+ members with the Altipeak Family!

High Qualified Trainers

Over 20 professional trainers with mixed experience from various backgrounds are working with us at Altipeak™ to provide the highest standards.

Cardio Classes


Altitude plays an important role in cardiovascular performance and training for athletes. Mountaineers, skiers, and sea-level athletes trying to gain an edge by training or living at increased altitude all face potential benefits from this type of training.

Membership Fees

No Joining Fees

Credit packs:


1 Credit Class pass €20


5 Credit Membership €65


10 Credit Membership €95

15 Credit Membership €135


Starter credit packs:


1 Credit & 1 Strap €25


5 Credits & 1 Strap €85


10 Credits & 1 Strap €115

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