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Altipeak™ International Ltd is a Multinational Company with offices and manufacturing facilities dotted around the globe with a reputation to provide the best quality high altitude training equipment and facilities.


Through our very own CE, EN, and ISO Certified Patented Altitude Machinery we provide our customers with the world’s safest altitude training chambers! We monitor and control oxygen levels, temperature, humidity and most importantly Co2 levels, the focus of Altipeak™ International is to provide tailor-made reliable Altitude training solutions to our clients which allows Athletes and Fitness enthusiasts to achieve their goals.

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Meet The Team


Noel O'Brien

Founder and CEO

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Chris O'Brien

Chief Operating Officer

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Maria Celestine

SEO & Ecommerce

Data Analyst


As CEO of these Multinational companies I have slowly but progressively built a solid Altipeak™International worldwide business that has so much more innovation to offer to it's global audiences

Noel O'Brien | CEO

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