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Big or Small, Build Your Own Altitude Studio

We build altitude studios/chambers to fullfill the needs of our clients. With our customized and commercial systems, we provide the best service with affordable pricing. We can build any capacity of altitude studios/chambers that suits the client's requirements.

Altipeak™ International for Commercial Use

Altipeak™ International Ltd is a Multinational Company with offices and manufacturing facilities dotted around the globe with a reputation to provide the best high altitude training equipment and facilities. Through our very own CE, EN, and ISO Certified Patented Altitude Machinery we provide our customers with the world’s safest altitude training chambers! We monitor and control oxygen levels, temperature, humidity and most importantly Co2 levels The focus of Altipeak™ International is to provide tailor-made reliable Altitude training solutions to our clients which allows Athletes and Fitness enthusiasts to achieve their goals.

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Our Standard System Series & Sizes

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What are the main differences of our Alti i System Series?

Alti i1 & i2:

In these series, altitude training masks and tents should be connected to our Altipeak™ Machinery to experinece stimulated altitude training. Click the following system series to find a more detailed specification.

Alti i4 & i6:

In these series, altitude training masks and tents are not required. The Alti i4 and i6 have the capacity to power up a small Stimulated Altitude room with 4-8 people exercising at a time. Click the following system series to find a more detailed specification

Alti i9, i13, i18, i25, i30 & i50:

These series are designed for more than 8 people. Initally, an enclosed room will be used to install the altitute equipemts to control the oxygen level inside the room. These series are different from Alti i4 & i6 becuase these requires Hypoxic Reservoir tank, Air compressor, Refrigerated Dryer, Control and Monitoring System and Ducting, along with Hypoxic Generator. Click below to find the specifications of the series more in details

Altitude Mask

The Alti i1 generator connects with a altitude mask kit. The purpose of this mask is to provide a comfort zone and to make you feel the real time experience of Simulated altitude. The Altipeak™ altitude mask kit is a strong, weight-less, and flexible product that comes in difference sizes. 
The Mask Straps help keep the mask firmly in place whilst cardiovascularly exercising. Furthermore, the Generator connection Kit provides a smooth flow of hypoxic air from the generator to the mask. The Altipeak™ altitude training mask is fully washable which gives it a long life. 
The Combination of Altitude generator and Altipeak™ altitude mask kit forms a high quality simulated Altitude Training system that enables you to exercise at altitude even at sea level. 

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Altitude Tent

Like Altipeak™ altitude training mask, Altipeak™ altitude tents also connects with Altipeak altitude generator (Alti i1,i2, i4 and i6). The Generator connection kit is required to connected the Altitude training mask with the Altipeak altitude generator. 
Altitude sleep tent are used for passive exposure to altitude through the night on a regular basis. It can also be used for housing a single cardio equipment such as rower or a bike. Altipeak™ Altitude tent is easy to carry and very flexible. It can enclose a full double bed with enough room to sit up, use a laptop and comfortably watch TV through the transparent material. 

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