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Big or Small, Build Your Own Altitude Studio

We build altitude studios/chambers to fullfill the needs of our clients. With our customized and commercial systems, we provide the best service with affordable pricing. We can build any capacity of altitude studios/chambers that suits the client's requirements.

Our Standard System Series & Sizes

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What are the main differences between our Alti i System Series?

Alti i1 & i2:

In these series, altitude training masks and tents should be connected to our Altipeak™ Machinery to experinece stimulated altitude training. Click the following system series to find a more detailed specification.

Alti i4 & i6:

In these series, altitude training masks and tents are not required. The Alti i4 and i6 have the capacity to power up a small Stimulated Altitude room with 4-8 people exercising at a time. Click the following system series to find a more detailed specification

Alti i9, i13, i18, i25, i30 & i50:

These series are designed for more than 8 people. Initally, an enclosed room will be used to install the altitute equipemts to control the oxygen level inside the room. These series are different from Alti i4 & i6 becuase these requires Hypoxic Reservoir tank, Air compressor, Refrigerated Dryer, Control and Monitoring System and Ducting, along with Hypoxic Generator. Click below to find the specifications of the series more in details

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