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We build altitude studios/chambers to fullfill the needs of our clients. With our customized and commercial systems, we provide the best service with affordable pricing. We can build any capacity of altitude studios/chambers that suits the client's requirements.

An Altitude Studio will require the following units:

✔Hypoxic Generator.

✔ Hypoxic Reservoir tank.

✔ Air compressor.

✔ Refrigerated Dryer.

✔ Control and Monitoring System.

✔ Ducting.

Altipeak ™ International Alti i9 to i50

These systems can be used for commercial altitude studios with a a volume of between 60m3 - 260m3 with a capacity range of between 9ppl - 50 ppl cardiovascular exercising continuously for 1Hr. We can also control the temperature and humidity in these Altitude studios

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