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Altitude Training For Football

Altitude training for Football players is becoming extremely popular thanks to the results it provides. The 1968 Olympics drew eyeballs towards low oxygen training also known as Hypoxic training.


People could clearly see that there was a correlation between athletes residing and training at high altitude and their improved performance. This was a technique that not everyone could adapt due to location and resource constrains. This is where Altitude chambers, Altitude rooms, Altitude pods come into play.

Football is a game that is close to the hearts of billions. With football

there are ups and downs, just like any other game, but the energy in

the football stadium is something unique and motivating both for the

players and spectators.

Physical fitness in one of the most important aspects when it comes

to football performance. A tactical player will go a long way in the

sport but with poor physical conditions(non-competitive) conditions

they cannot become a complete player.


Aerobic endurance is one of the most important attributes on physical fitness for football players. A team should have the capacity to maintain the same high level intensity throughout the 90 minute game. An aerobic endurance is another important attribute which means that the team needs to have the ability to sprint fast and repeat this throughout the game. A football team needs good agility, strength, power and flexibility.


How to achieve fitness levels for football? (with Altitude training)


Regular training is required for all zones of wellness and fitness. Here are a few vital factors to remember when planning an effective training program.


The training should be directed and coordinated to realize particular goals from a team perspective and it also needs to be individualized to maximize the physical capabilities for specific players. To improve their training results, the physical load needs to be increased over time as an when the players keep getting fitter.


By using Altitude training equipment, they are exposed to a low oxygen environment and the body makes adaptations to improve oxygen delivery to tissues and muscles. This results in greater muscular endurance, faster recovery and improved power output from each of the players.

In recent times, media reports have provided us with coverage of several high-profile clubs undertaking training camps at altitude in an attempt to gain a competitive edge.

Athletes from different team sports worldwide are using altitude training more than ever before.

World Cup 2010 was played 1200m above sea level and matches had negative effects on teams’ endurance performance, as the total distance covered during the game was -3% lower than in matches at sea level. This was because the players were not acclimatized to those conditions.


Science of Altitude training for Football players


Physical exercise in a reduced oxygen or hypoxic environment creates 2 potent metabolic stressors which induce physiological changes within the human body. Intermittent Hypoxic Training provokes a phenomenon known as Hypoxia Inducible Factors (HIF) which can lead to more increased muscle, increased power, better endurance and increased capillary to fibre ratio (more blood flow).


Sea-level teams playing against teams that are residents of moderate/high altitude have a low

probability to win when playing away, and teams that are residents of moderate/high altitude

showed low probability to win at sea level.

Football players “would likely benefit from several days of acclimatization in advance” when playing at altitudes as high as 1,700 m

Teams should not fly to altitudes of 1,500–1,700 m just 1–2 days before a football match, as is common practice, but should acclimatize for several days.



Along with proven benefits to athletic performance, there is mounting evidence that altitude exposure has a measurable positive impact on increasing team performance. Altipeak™ International is committed to maintaining its excellence in Altitude training commercial equipment and is establishing relationships with leading sports organisations.


Contact us to know more on how we could help your football team reach its peak performance.

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